ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Flag Coved GlobeThe mission of Owings Mills High School ESOL Program is to assist non-native speakers of English in acquiring sufficient language proficiency and independent learning strategies to become successful participants in high school and beyond.   The ESOL program will serve as a support system for the ELL until he/she is able to achieve independent academic success. This education will be provided in such a way that values each student’s home language and ensures that each student maintains a sense of pride in his/her native culture.


The ESOL Program is committed to sustaining instructional excellence through collaborative professional support, continuous monitoring of ESOL Program curricula and student services, and integration of appropriate educational technology into learning and instruction.

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 Department Members & Their Courses Include:


Margarita Ugarte-Caffyn, ESOL Program Facilitator, ESOL American Government
Rebecca Alvarado, ESOL Department Chair, Academic Foundations, ESOL AVID 9

Natalia Florez, Bilingual Paraprofessional,     

Kayla Franze, Photo Journalism, EFL 2

Christine Gover,, LTC, ESOL American Culture 

Katie Kennedy, ESOL American Government, ESOL Math/Algebra 1

Xueling Lu, Keyboarding

Emily Martin, EFL 1, ESOL U.S. History

Shannon Mullaney, Newcomer, ESOL AVID 10

Shannon Olsen, ESOL English 9, ESOL English 11

Irida Ruci, ESOL Math

Ismail Saed, LTC, EFL 3

Nancy Widney,, ESOL English 10, Newcomer

Lydia Yoon, ESOL Career Strategies, ESOL Health, Academic Foundations