Eagle Hour

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OMHS faculty and staff believe that all students are welcome in our school house and should find a place of belonging to foster positive relationships, pursue passions, and grow academically and socially. As such, we are pleased to expand our weekly Enrichment Period to a daily Eagle Hour.




Eagle Hour is an open lunch period intended to provide students with the opportunity to seek academic assistance, explore clubs and activities, and cultivate meaningful relationships. Foundational to the safe and efficient management of Eagle Hour is our trust in students to use this time wisely and behave appropriately. With our trust comes great responsibility. During Eagle Hour students are responsible for meeting the following expectations:


Use time to your academic advantage

  • Seek assistance from teachers, complete missing work, redo assignments
  • Participate in clubs and service organizations

Stay on campus in supervised locations

  • Gym, auditorium, lecture hall, and stadium are reserved for teacher-supervised groups only

Be Safe

  • Students may not sit or stand in stairwells or block hallways
  • No horseplay
  • Students may not order or have food delivered, even by a parent or sibling

Be Respectful

  • Honor quiet work spaces and classroom

  • Clean up after yourself; use trash and recycling cans

Eagle Hour Clubs 

Clubs Being Offered in the 2018-2019 School Year


Hobbies and Interests:

Art Club - Students have the opportunity to expand their artistic skills through various styles of art.

Carpentry/Skills USA (Bennett)– Students in the carpentry program will utilize time to improve their techniques. (This club will be selected based upon carpentry enrollment)

Card Playing Club (Marksamer)– Students will explore the opportunity to learn a variety of different types of card games.

Chess Club (Filosa)- Chess Club introduces the game emphasizing rules, strategy and the element of fun. 

Coding Club (Harley)

Droning Club (Horton)

Eagle’s Eye/ School Newspaper (Olsen)

Eagle’s Nest/school store (Simmons/Girch)- Students will participate in planning, organizing, and managing the school store. During this time students will explore new apparel ideas, conduct polls of students to identify new ideas, take inventory, and build advertising.

Engineering for Good (Buckler)

Horticulture (Clarke)- We design and create flower arrangements for holidays, graduation, etc. Will complete other creative crafts. Will utilize the school greenhouse to plant seeds for spring.  

Games Club (Vasile)- Students will have the opportunity to make friends through games.  Games played include, but are not limited to, videogames and board games. Videogames will NOT be provided by OM.

Jewish Student Union (Lewin)

Knitting for the Needy (Sauter) - Students will learn a new skill or refine and develop skills related to knitting and crocheting. Students will foster a sense of community by working on projects that can be given away to a group in need. 

Lyricist Lounge (Fenlon) - Students will have the opportunity to express themselves through poetry, songwriting, and even short stories.

Pop Culture/Book Club (Sauter)

Rock Band (Smith) - Students will have the opportunity to pursue their interest in playing guitar and other musical instruments. Various levels of students welcome, students are asked to provide their own instrument if possible.

Robotics Club (Peitz)

Running/Exercise Club (PE)- Love to exercise? Joining running/exercise club will give you the chance to work out with your friends while developing good habits and routines.

Step Squad (Horton) - Students will explore and develop step dance by creating routines and dances as a group.

Weight Training (Curry)- Students have the opportunity to receive instruction and participate in weight training technique and program design. This is an activity centered enrichment period, be prepared to be actively engaged and improve your fitness.

Women’s Mentoring club (McClain-Purdie)- The purpose of this club is to educate and empower socially and economically disadvantaged girls to make healthy choices in every aspect of their lives by providing personal growth and development services through one-on-one and group mentoring, workshops, and career development programs.


Exploring Cultures:

African Student Association (Rojas)- Students will work together to discuss challenges and explore various African cultures.

Best Buddies Club (Evans)- Students will be paired with others to work on developing social skills

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) (Amick)- Students will come together and support each other as they discuss their questions and issues regarding sexual and gender identity.

International Club (Alvarado)- To celebrate and promote the cultural diversity in the school.

Bailar Conmigo (Dance with Me, Latin American Dancing) (Moore)- Exploring various Latin Dances such as salsa, merengue, and bachata. Students will: perform, build confidence, make friends, have fun, enjoy Latin Music.


Service Learning Hours:

Animal Rights Club (Russell)- To become aware of environmental issues and animal rights and to raise money for animal charities.

Environmental Club (Yeager)- To increase awareness of environmental issues; establish an organized school-wide recycling program; and, participate in environmental community activities. This group will also be working to make OMHS a Green School. Work towards collecting data for green school status, implementing and maintaining the school garden and other green school projects.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) (Berk)- To educate and encourage students to make health lifestyle choices. Projects include Adopt-a-family, HIV Awareness week,

SGA (Blumenauers)- Students take on a leadership role in the building as they plan and organize several key events throughout the school year.



French Club (Rojas)- Students will immerse themselves in the French culture through various activities.

It’s Academic (Filosa)- To allow students to extend their minds on a broad range of subjects. To prepare for TV channel 13’s It's Academic competition against other schools.

Literary Magazine (Yates)- Students will create writing and reading entries, decide on guidelines for submission and styling of the magazine, and create and distribute a OMHS literary magazine.

Math Games (Calise)- Students will utilize their math abilities through games. Games include dominoes, 24 challenge, and others.

Physics Olympics (McNally)- Students are able to practice experiment based challenges to prepare for competition. Think carnival games type activities and having to identify the physics behind them.