School Counseling

Welcome to School Counseling

The Counseling Department is open from 7:10 am to 2:50 pm Monday through Friday. Please call ahead to make an appointment. You are also invited to e-mail your child's counselor at the address provided below. Counseling Services include:  Academic Advisement, Social/Emotional Counseling, College & Career Planning, Coordination of Parent/Teacher Conferences, Referral Services to Community Resources and Supports.

Counselor Assigned to Students Whose Last Name Begins With Email
 Mr. Lee A - G [email protected]
Mrs. Drylie H - M [email protected]
Mrs. Wilson N - Z [email protected]
Mr.Montgomery ESOL Grades 9 & 10 [email protected]
 Ms. Alyea College & Career  Counselor [email protected]
School Counseling Support Staff 
 Ms. Alexander Secretary  [email protected] 
 Ms. Dignan Records  [email protected]