Physical Education & Health

The Owings Mills Physical Education and Health Department offers a variety of courses for all students at all levels of fitness and health. The two graduation requirements are Fitness Mastery (9th grade) and Health (11th or 12th grade).  Electives to choose from are Team Sports and Weight Training. We look forward to all OMHS students taking at one or more PE/Health electives in their high school career!  Stay healthy OM!

BCPS Physical Education Strands of Instruction

Course Offerings

Fitness Mastery

The Fitness Mastery course is designed for students to be able to use scientific principles to design and participate in a regular, moderate to vigorous physical activity program that contributes to personal health and enhances cognitive and physical performance on a variety of academic, recreational and life tasks.  At the completion of this course students should understand basic concepts that can lead to a healthy active lifestyle through sport and leisure activities.  The County Mid Term and Final Exam will measure the indicators on which this course is based.


Young adults are faced with many situations that can impact their health in a variety of ways.  Although content knowledge is essential, the focus of the curriculum is on the acquisition and application of health skills and abilities.  The purpose of this class is to develop health literate students who are able to apply knowledge and skills to maintain and improve their health and safety for a lifetime.  The intention of the class is to keep the course content up to date and relevant to the students’ needs. 

Weight Training

This course is intended to teach students the basic concepts for weight training.  Students will work individually and in small groups to improve their overall muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and body composition.  Students will learn how to lift safely and correctly, perform a variety of prescribed programs, design an effective personal weight training program utilizing principles learned in class, identify the different muscles of the body and the purposes they serve.

Students will be provided all necessary information to be successful in weight training.  Safety is priority number one!  All lifts will be correctly taught, and spotted, at all times.  Students are expected to be positive in their interactions with each other in order to encourage everyone to improve and reach their personal goals.  Each student will be expected to perform at his/her highest effort level on a daily basis. 

Team Sports

This elective course is open to all students who have met the Fitness Mastery requirements.  Team Sports utilizes fitness concepts along with strategies and skills required of participation on a team sport.  In addition to physical skills, concepts of teamwork, being a good teammate, learning to win and lose with grace, hard work, sportsmanship and other ideals of teamwork are emphasized.  Skill level is NOT a determining factor of entry into this class.